Latin Club Holds First Meeting

Latin Club Holds First Meeting

Jasmine Milliger, Let's Talk About Editor

Latin club kickstarted the year with an early morning meeting on Wednesday, September 3rd and then a later meeting that day after school. Sponsored by Latin teacher Mrs.Edson, the Latin club is off to a great start.

“I’m really excited,” Mrs.Edson said. “It’s a really good turn out.”

The usual routine for the Latin club includes discussing business, such as Latin club competitions, and then moving onto food and games. Some of the games members play are similar to those played at competitions. While they don’t prepare for the testing portions of competition, they do extensively play buzzer and trivia games in practice for other events.

The Latin club covers some of the curriculum learned in class, but also explores different methods of learning Latin language and culture. “Latin club goes really in detail about a lot of the history and studies of Latin throughout the entire time it’s existed,” Jorge Abru ‘16 said.

The next meeting is Thursday after school at 4:15 and Friday before school at 8:30 in room E1313.