National Honor Society Seeks Applicants

Audrey Lu, Reporter

On September 8th, National Honor Society (NHS) members set up a booth with information as well as applications for juniors and seniors interested in joining the organization.
The application itself asks for activities, leadership positions, accomplishments, community service, employment and volunteer hours that individual applicants are involved in.
“I didn’t have that much work experience so I was mostly basing myself off of volunteer experience so I felt like I was insufficient in the area of having an actual resume of some sort,” Brian Coombs ‘16 said.
Despite Coombs’ worries, he was accepted into NHS and continues to be a part of the organization with “a sense of pride” in what he does for his community and the school.
“It’s really not that hard, the application does look daunting but I’m sure everyone will do fine,” Alicia Lenci ‘16 President of NHS said. “Just be honest about yourself, try to look for each and everything you’ve ever done. We want to know all about you and all of your accomplishments.”
There are, however, expectations that must be met once you are accepted, including regular attendance to the meetings as well as active volunteering.
“You are also expected to uphold our four pillars which are integrity, scholarship, character and leadership,” Lenci said.
The four pillars can be more than just NHS expectations.
“It talks about service, leadership and characters which, I think, are good goals to shoot for,” Jessica Ebert ‘17 said.
Some of the members think of NHS as more than just a club.
“I wanted to make a difference by creating a meaningful volunteer experience for kids to reach out to volunteer organizations and have volunteer organizations get the kind of help they need,” Coombs said.
However, not meeting club expectations can result in consequences.
“If you don’t pay your dues or have any hours, you’ll be put on probation. It’s as simple as that, you’re not allowed to come to anything. If you continue to not uphold your duties then you will eventually be withdrawn from the club,” Lenci said.
Anyone wishing to join NHS will need to turn in an application before October 2 by 4:20 p.m. Any time after the due date is considered late, there are no exceptions.
“Make sure you get your application in on time because if it’s not then you’re cut,” Lenci said.