French Club Celebrates La Chandeleur


E. Lu

On Feb. 16, French Club cooked and ate French pancakes called crêpes to celebrate La Chandeleur, a holiday to mark the end of the 40 day Christmas period.

It is  French tradition to hold a coin in one hand and flip the crêpe with their other hand. If one is successful, it is said to bring the family good luck for the rest of the year.

“When you flip the crepe, you wait for it to, like, not be stuck to the pan anymore. You can’t half do it, you have to fully commit because if you half do it, only half of it flips and then it lands on the other half and you’re just stuck with half a crepe, so send it completely off the pan,” Santiago LeGall ‘18 said.

The members of the French Club worked together to make the batter. Then, with the help of the French Club Officers and Madame Brandon, each member flipped a crêpe.

“The hardest part is mixing the ingredients. You whisk it, but the way I did it, like, super cramped one muscle and that was the only muscle I was using to whisk it so it hurt, but overall it’s fun to make crêpes,” LeGall said.

The French Club Officers came early to set up the ingredients and stayed late to clean up afterwards.

“I think hard work is worth it, because you had to put a lot of effort in there, but you also get a lot of rewards,” Historian Thu Nguyen ‘18 said. “As an officer, I have to do extra things like come to the meeting and bring stuff and have the responsibility to make posters, so I have to care for the club, so I think it’s worth it, because I’m doing what I like.”

Like most pancakes, crêpes are filled with various toppings. The French Club Officers provided bananas, Nutella, chocolate syrup, honey and whipped cream for the members.

“I put some honey, the Hershey’s syrup, whipped cream, bananas and strawberries. I put too many toppings on and when I was trying to eat it, it kind of just all fell off but overall I was pretty successful,” Nishesh Shrestha ‘19 said.

The next French Club meeting will be on March 15.

“I go to each meeting because it’s fun,” Navya Cheruku ‘19 said. “I have, like, three or four friends who go to French Club with me and we learn some vocabulary, which is interesting but then we also have related activities so it’s stress free and fun.”