Information on ACC Dual Credit


In the fall of 2015, many sophomores and juniors took the PSAT for the first or second time. Many students looked to this test as more than just a practice for the SAT, but as a qualifier for ACC Dual Credit courses. However, since the revamp of the PSAT and SAT hasn’t been given college readiness scores by the Texas Higher Education Board yet, this year’s PSAT will not count towards the score students need to take ACC courses.

“Anyone wanting to take ACC or dual credit now must take the TSI test unless they have previously taken a SAT or ACT that shows college readiness,” ACC Coordinator Janet Kirk said.

Due to these new testing rules, the school has opened testing dates here at Westwood where students can apply and take the test on campus.

“The TSI test dates are Feb. 6, Feb. 15, and Mar. 5,” Ms. Kirk said. “The test will cost $15, and the application will include them activating their ID and doing a pre-assessment activity to help them be ready for the test.”

This program now has the official title of Dual Credit–even though students have been referring to it as Dual Credit already. A new program, Early College High School, has opened across the state  and serves as another alternative to ACC dual credit classes.

“Students in this program can graduate high school with an associates degree as well as their high school degree,” Ms. Kirk said. “[It’s] a new program called Early College High School.” Round Rock ISD has applied to begin this program with the 2016-2017 school year.

For more information on the new ACC Dual Credit rules, students can email Janet Kirk at [email protected], or come to her office, D1107, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ms. Kirk’s schedule is posted on her door at her office.