Freshman Volleyball Beaten By Cedar Ridge in Two Sets

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  • Madison Metzger ‘20 serves the ball to the opposing team.

  • Sarah Sherwood ‘20 passes the ball to a teammate.

  • Kate Jernigan ‘20 jumps to hit the ball over the net.

  • Madison Metzger ‘20 sets the ball for a player to hit.

  • Mia Kuge ‘20 prepares to pass the opposing team’s serve.

  • Coach Malcolm Framjee talks to his team in a time out.

  • Mary Tiangco ‘20 gets ready to serve the ball.

  • Lucero Cabal ‘20 reaches as she hits the ball.

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The freshman volleyball team was defeated by the Cedar Ridge Raiders with a score of 0-2 on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Though several players had impressive shots and blocks, the Lady Warriors fell short with their communication which ultimately resulted in a loss.

The theme of this game was Future Stars, meaning the stands would feature many young players who may hope to eventually join the Westwood volleyball program. With this in mind, the players knew they had to demonstrate their skill and put up a good fight, regardless of the end result.

“I think it’s helpful for them because they get to see us as a role model for them if they do want to play when they get into high school,” Sara Sayyar ‘20 said.

The team started the first set with both strong offensive and defensive play, bringing the score to 4-4. However the Lady Raiders were able to distinguish a weak spot in the court that no player seemed to be covering, and developed a lead of 5-10. A timeout was called by Westwood to reconvene and talk about their game plan, hopefully staging a comeback. After coming off the bench, middle blocker Kate Jernigan ‘20 came up with a huge block that roused both the team and audience. Outside hitter Taylor Cason ‘20 was also able to execute powerful spikes and serves. Unfortunately these plays were not enough to give the Lady Warriors a lead, and the first set ended 13-25.

“As a team we could work on communicating better because communication leads to stronger force toward the other team,” Sayyar said. “I think in every aspect we just needed to shake off our mistakes so it doesn’t stay with us the whole game.”

The second set featured strategic sets by Cason and smart defensive play by defensive specialist Mary Tiangco ‘20 and libero Sayyar, though through a series of mis-hits and undirected passes, the set finished 16-25.

“I think we need to get our passing more off the net,” Abby Brueck ‘20 said. “We weren’t talking as much and communicating.”

With plans for specific improvements, the team will try and conquer at their next game. The freshmen play the Stony Point Tigers at Stony Point on Friday, Oct. 14.