Fire Emblem Heroes Hits the App Store


With the popularity of video-games-turned-apps such as Pokemon Go by Niantic, Miitomo, and Super Mario Run Nintendo has released a new version of their popular franchise Fire Emblem for Android and iOS. The free app, Fire Emblem Heroes, which requires internet connection, launched on Thursday, Feb. 2, featuring a tactical system and plotline style similar to the other Fire Emblem games.

The plot revolves around a feud between the expansionist Emblian Empire and the Askran Empire. Siding with the Askran Empire, the gamer’s character summons heroes from various other Fire Emblem worlds to join against the enemy. Gameplay is similar to the original series, but simplified, with character movement controlled by a touch-and-drag system. Additionally, different character types which have advantages and disadvantages against other character types (coordinated under a color system), and each character has “specials,” or critical moves. The traditional leveling system is employed in addition to skill points, used to gain new skills. Completely new elements include the orbs used for summoning and the arena system, enabling player-to-player combat.

Despite a simpler plot and less challenging strategy than previous games, Fire Emblem Heroes is still engrossing and will please both players new to the series, who will be exposed to the Fire Emblem style of gameplay in a less severe way, and previous devotees, who will enjoy the return of favorite characters. Nintendo’s innovative twist on Fire Emblem will doubtless leave fans waiting for more future app releases already announced, such as Animal Crossing.