Varsity Volleyball Dominates Hyde Park

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  • Parents and students hold up the warrior sign to encourage the team.

  • Abigail Rucker ’20 throws a ball out to the crowd.

  • Audrey Quesnel ’20 and Maggie Stout ’19 attempt to block the incoming ball.

  • Coach Nelson gathers team between sets to discuss their new game plan.

  • The team celebrates their success after the second set.

  • The team prepares for the ball to come to their side.

  • Maddi Kriz ’19 starts the period with a mean serve.

  • Maddi Kriz ’19 serves the ball.

  • Abigail Rucker ’20 serves the ball.

  • The team shakes hands with opposing team before starting the game.

  • The Varsity volleyball team stands up to recite the national anthem.

  • Maggie Stout ’19 and Audrey Quesnal ’20 jump up to hit the ball back over as Maddi Kriz ’19 prepares behind them.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 jumps up to pass the ball back to the opposing team.

  • The team cheers in excitement at the beginning of the game.

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The Lady Warrior varsity volleyball team brought a victorious 3-0 win against rival Hyde Park High School in their first home game of the season Tuesday, Aug 29. Currently, the team is 18-11 in district and expecting another successful season.

The Lady Warriors were first to score in the first set and managed to stay ahead of the Panthers in all three sets. Throughout most of the first game, both teams were 2-2, fighting to overcome one another. While the Panthers were coming close toward the end of the first set, the Warriors were able to beat out the Panthers and finish the set 25-20.

“We were kind of nervous because it was our first home game, but as the game progressed we became more confident, had more energy, and started playing together as a team,” outside hitter Lauren Gregorczyk ‘18 said.

Within the second set, the Warriors prevailed once again. The team started strong in the first half but the Panthers again came up close, making the crowd anxious. The final play by Emily Low ‘18 brought Westwood’s second victory with a score of 25-17.

“The energy from the crowd and the team definitely helped us do well,” Gregorczyk said. “We were having fun and that also helped us do well.”

The third set was yet another win for the Warriors, making it the last set of the night. With Westwood serving first, the team had a six point lead. Westwood continued to dominate Hyde Park throughout the game. The Panthers were only able to make eight points. The last play was a kill by Low, ending the game 25-8 in Westwood’s favor.

“They had a really great third set. As long as they continue to communicate and play defense the way they know how to, they’ll definitely be successful,” Ms. Brissa Ochoa, head volleyball coach said.

While Tuesday’s game ended in high spirits, the team will continue to work for a great season. A big concern, however, is that this year’s team is relatively new to varsity and has limited experience working together.

“We’re a pretty young team and haven’t had much time playing together,” Gregorczyk said. “but as the season continues we’re going to get better.”  

Despite this, Ms. Ochoa has expressed great pride for the team.

“I’m really excited because most of these kids now are ones I’ve coached through JV. I’m seeing them as seniors and juniors with varsity which is where they wanted to be,” Ms. Ochoa said.