Varsity Volleyball Narrowly Beats Round Rock 3-2

By Catherine Wiesehuegel, Reporter

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  • Macy Prenger ’19 prepares to throw her souvenir ball to the student section.

  • The varsity team talks before the game.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 sets the ball for her teammate.

  • Maggie Stout ’19 prepares to spike the ball.

  • Maggie Stout ’19 and Emily Low ’18 prepare to block opposing teams spike.

  • Cameron Thomas ’18 celebrates winning a t-shirt from student night auction.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 and Audrey Quesnel ’20 bump shoulders before set starts.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 and Audrey Quesnel ’20 do their pre-game tradiion “the running bull.”

  • Caroline Suter ’19 prepares for set.

  • Maddi kriz ’19 Audrey Quesnel ’20 successfully block opposing teams spike.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 serves the ball.

  • Abigail Rucker ’20 sets the ball.

  • The team hypes up the student section by throwing customized volley balls into the stands.

  • The team comes together for a pregame motivational pep-talk.

  • Varsity girls celebrate scoring.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 sets ball for teammate.

  • Maggie Stout ’19 prepares to serve the ball.

  • Maddi Kriz ’19 tips ball over to try and score a point.

  • Varsity girls celebrate Maddi Kriz ’19 after she scores a hard earned point.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 warms up before the game.

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The varsity volleyball team faced off against the Round Rock Dragons in a heated battle on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at the field house. The game was close in all sets, but Westwood was able to pull ahead and win 3-2 due to outstanding teamwork and communication from the team.

“We had a very rocky start, even in the first set,” Maddi Kriz ‘19 said. “We knew Round Rock was going to be a good team and I feel that even though we won the first set, we really didn’t start to pick it up until the fourth.”

Though the Lady Warriors won the first set, it was a rough battle ending the Warriors with only four points ahead of the Dragons at 25-21. The final point was made after an ace from Maggie Stout ‘19. Despite extreme determination from the Lady Warriors, they were unable to win the second and third sets, both of which were neck and neck throughout, and ended 25-17 and 16-25 respectively.

“Just in time, we clicked and we finished off the fourth set extremely strong and were able to carry our momentum into the fifth,” Kriz said.

The team was able to surpass the Dragons in the fourth set, after kills from Kriz, Stout, and  Emily Low ‘18. The fifth set was dominated by the Lady Warriors, who consistently made strong serves and powerful kills. The set ended 15-8 after a kill by Low.

“I think we will continue to get better and will definitely take down Stony Point. We are a super young team and each game we improve so much,” Kriz said, “It’s only up from here.”

The Lady Warriors will face off against Hendrickson Friday, Sept. 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the field house.