JV Orange Volleyball Slips Under Round Rock in Two Sets

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  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 and Ingrid Staging ’19 get ready for when the next round begins.

  • The team huddles during a timeout to talk about what their game plan is.

  • Reagan Harrington ’20 and Jessica Lane ’21 switch during a break.

  • Madeline Shrull ’21 spikes the ball over to the Round Rock side.

  • The rest of the team cheers on the players on the court.

  • Grace Forshay ’21 and Sami Greisdorf ’21 shout “Point Westwood!” after the team scores.

  • Abby Gregorczyk ’21 prepares to serve the ball.

  • The team high fives each other after scoring a point for the team.

  • Even after a tough match, the teams tell each other good game.

  • Sydney Ferris ’21 and Hannah Simonsen ’21 cheer on the volleyball team during their tough game.

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Despite starting out with a strong lead, the Lady Warriors’ JV Orange team was defeated by the Round Rock Dragons on Tuesday, Sept. 26. Starting out, the first set was offensively perfect with Westwood scoring the first point quickly and immediately preparing to secure more. The first set, however, ended just out of Westwood’s reach; the Lady Warriors were only three points behind when the Dragons landed their final hit ending the set 23-25.

“We have a really good team, but we just need to communicate more,” Reagan Harrington ‘20 said.

Lack of communication may have played a factor in the Lady Warriors’ defeat, but there was no shortage in spirit. Each point after the first set was a battle, both teams struggled to keep the points continuing in their favor. Even with the Lady Warriors earning five points in a row in an attempt to even the odds, Round Rock still took the set with a final score of 19-25.

Both sides of the stadium could see that Westwood was fighting hard as ever, down to the very last point of the game. Hopefully this loss can be turned into a win this Friday’s home game against Hendrickson at 5:30 p.m..