Freshman Volleyball Wipes out the Panthers in Two Sets

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  • Claire Legaspi ’21 sets up her serve.

  • Colleen Wyrick ’21 readies herself the bump the ball to a teammate.

  • The whole team talks with their coach before securing their win against the lady panthers.

  • Claire Legaspi ’21 jumps up to bump the ball.

  • Greta Marsden ’21 jumps up to block a serve from the opposing team.

  • Isabella Garcia ’21 sends the ball over the net.

  • Lauren Tyndall ’21 spikes the ball sending it over the net.

  • Colleen Wyrick ’21 sets the ball back for her teammates.

  • Isabella Garcia ’21 prepares to hit the ball.

  • Greta Marsden ’21 hits the ball and sends it over the net.

  • Grace Neall ’21 serves the ball and sends it over the net.

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The freshman volleyball team wiped out the Pflugerville Panthers in two sets Tuesday, Oct. 3. The game started with a rocky first set, but came back and closed the second set, surpassing the Panthers with a final score of 25-5.

Claire Legaspi ‘21 started serve-receive with a pass directly over setter Colleen Wyrick ‘21, who later earned the point from a freeball and put the Lady Warriors up 2-1. Wyrick saved a shanked ball from her teammate and set Isabella Garcia ‘21 who tipped over the block, raising the score to 5-3. Greta Marsden ‘21 then served four aces in a row to put the Lady Warriors up 14-9. Lauren Tyndall ‘21 swung an aggressive line shot, 17-11. The Panthers caught up and challenged the Lady Warriors which exhibited mistakes during serve-receive. With 24-19 on the board, defense controlled the ball and middle blocker Marsden, coordinated a slide behind setter Wyrick and gained the winning point, 25-19.

“We felt prepared going into this game because we have played them before,” Garcia said. “It was a rough first set, but we weren’t communicating and lost our high energy.”

The Lady Warriors earned the first point of the second set from an ace served by Wyrick. Tyndall found a hole in the Panther’s offense and tipped over the net, tied at 2-2. Legaspi served two aces, followed by two kills from Marsden. Marissa Lopez ‘21 and Celeste Palomino ‘21 both served aces and reached 14-4. Palomino’s roll over the net put the Lady Warriors up 20-4, then passed a freeball over the net for a kill. Sophia Ghelardini ‘21 ended the game with an ace, making the final score 25-5 in the second set.

“We were a lot more confident coming into the second set,” Tyndall said. “We picked it up by talking a lot more on the court. There was one where Bella killed it and they weren’t able to receive it.”

The Lady Warriors will play again Friday, Oct. 6 at McNeil at 6:30. Go wood.