Varsity Volleyball Declaws Leander Lions 3-2 in Future Warriors Match

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The varsity volleyball team defeated the Leander Lions in five long sets on Tuesday, Sept. 25. With the future Warriors watching close by and supporting the team, the team won with a score of 3-2 

The Lady Warriors were the first to score in the first set and fought hard to stay ahead of the Lions. Many tough spikes were made from Caroline Suter ‘19 and Kenzie Beckham ‘21, adding to the scoreboard. Minimal but powerful tips from Abby Gregorczyk ‘21, Suter, and Beckham added points to the ladies’ score. Throughout the set, the Lady Warriors were strong and unwilling to lose. The Warriors triumphed over the Lions 25-15.

“I think we fought very hard at the end. We had a great, strong start in the first set,” Jenny Todd ‘19 said. “I think we did a great job finishing which is something that we have really wanted.”

Starting off what seemed like a long set, the Lady Warriors fell behind with a score of 9-0. Suter scored the Warriors’ first point of the set and Beckham earned a point as she tipped the ball over. The girls began to gain more points as the match went on but suffered a loss, ending the set 25-18.

“When we went into the second set, it was like someone just sucked all the energy out of us,” Coach Tara Nelson said. “We got down on ourselves, we were down 9-0 to start the second set and dug ourselves a big hole that we had to crawl out of.”

Between the second and third set, the future Warriors from Canyon Vista Middle School and Grisham Middle School had a serving contest between the two schools while other athletes from Westwood helped the students out.

“We definitely wanted to set a good example for what they’re going to come into the next couple years, so we really just wanted to show them what Westwood volleyball is all about,” Todd said.

During the third set, the Warriors earned the first point due to a serve that went out of bounds from the Lions. Todd and Maggie Stout ‘19 scored aces, earning points for the Warriors. The Lions were beginning to lose energy with their spikes, having an advantage for the Warriors. The Warriors got close to winning due to a scoring frenzy adding to the result of 20-7. Stout won the last point of the set, ending the game 25-11.

“I think it was a little bit inconsistent in the two sets that we lost,” Suter said. “I think we could have communicated a little bit better in those two sets that we lost because some people were getting down and we weren’t really talking that much.”

The fourth set was a battle between the Lions and the Warriors toward the end. The Lions were about to win the set, but Maddie Gillispie ‘20 served the ball and Stout scored two points with aces and spikes down in the Lions territory. The Warriors were close, but not enough, having the Lions win the set 22-25.

“I definitely think that overall consistency and going into each set with the same mindset could use a lot of improvement,” Coach Nelson said.

Ending the fifth and final set, Zoe Menendez ‘20 made a kill, Beckham made an ace, and Audrey Quesnel ‘20 tipped the ball. The Warriors pulled through and won the set 15-7.

“We really needed to get back on track, so any win is going to feel good,” Coach Nelson said. “I think that we could have been a little more consistent throughout the match but what’s important is that they pulled it out in the end so overall, I’m happy with it.”

Catch the Lady Warriors as they crush the Rock [Round Rock High School], their rival, on Friday, Sept. 28.