JV Orange Volleyball Crushes the Vista Ridge Rangers 2-0

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  • Peyton Ferree ’22 jumps to hit the ball to Vista Ridge.

  • McKayla Ross ’22 hits the ball to the Rangers.

  • Sara Sagues ’21 lunges to hit the ball while sophomores Madeleine Shrull and Delaney Willing watch to see what the outcome will be.

  • Lauren King ’20 bumps the ball backwards to the other team.

  • Sara Sagues ’21 looks at the ball before serving it to the Vista Ridge Rangers.

  • Delaney Willing ’21 jumps to hit ball over the net.

  • Erin Fagan ’22 jumps to hit the ball to the Rangers.

  • The JV Orange team celebrates after scoring a point.

  • Madeleine Shrull ’21 and Erin Fagan ’22 jump to block the ball.

  • Peyton Ferree ’22 jumps into the air to hit the ball.

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On Tuesday, Oct. 23, the Lady Warriors attacked the Vista Ridge Rangers in only two sets to win their last game of the season.

Starting off the set with a bang, the Rangers served the ball and the Warriors earned the first point of many. The team’s defense was tough with Madeleine Shrull ‘21 and Peyton Ferree ‘22 blocking multiple spikes from the Rangers. Ferree came in with her outstanding spikes, earning a handful of points as well. Lauren King ‘20 set the ball to Shrull, who followed with a spike to add points to the scoreboard. The Lady Warriors won the set with Delaney Willing ‘21 spiking the last point, making the score 25-22.

“It was really fun, everyone played really well,” Coach Amber Hall said. “Everyone got to play which is always nice. They did a good job keeping the energy up and having fun with it. Even when they [made] a couple of mistakes, they [came] back strong and stayed tough.”

Beginning the second and final set, Sara Sagues ‘21 served and Ferree tipped the ball over the net to score the first point. Jessica Lane ‘21 and Erin Fagan ‘22 successfully saved the ball from almost hitting the Lady Warrior’s territory. More points were added to the scoreboard from Ferree and her killer spikes. Just when the Lady Warriors thought they were going to win, they missed the serve. Shortly after, the Lady Warriors earned the final point of the game when the ball looked like it was out, but it wasn’t, making the final score 25-19.

“I think while we were playing, we kind of were expecting them to lose especially in the second set,” King said. “When they started to come back, we got frustrated with each other. I think we should have just taken a deep breath and let it go and I think at the end, we did and that’s how we pulled it out.”

The Lady Warriors ended their season with their last win against the Rangers and a final record of 12-5.