JV Orange Volleyball Defeats the Cedar Ridge Raiders 2-0

By Anouka Saha, Morale Officer

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  • McKayla Ross '22 jumps to block the ball that was hit by the opposing team.

  • Delaney Willing '21 jumps and hits the ball.

  • Sara Sagues '21 serves the ball to the Cedar Ridge.

  • Giselle Kiefer '22 jumps to hit the ball onto the other side of the court.

  • Sam Snow '21 prepares to hit the ball.

  • The team celebrates after scoring a point.

  • Erin Fagan '22 jumps to hit the ball.

  • Lauren King '20 serves the ball to the other team.

  • Erin Fagan '22 hits the ball.

  • Peyton Ferree '22 jumps to hit the ball.

  • Sara Sagues '21, Jessica Lane '21, and Peyton Ferree '22 await the serve from the opposing team.

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The JV Orange volleyball team defeated the Cedar Ridge Raiders 2-0 on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

“My girls did a really great job of just being consistent across the board,” JV Orange coach Amber Hall said. “My favorite thing about this game was the defense. I thought we did a really good job at keeping the ball up and in play.”

The team started off strong in the first set, with Sara Sagues ‘21 hitting two aces in a row, letting the Lady Warriors gain a lead quickly. The Raiders soon caught up and tied. Fortunately, strong sets by Sam Snow ‘21 and a tip by McKayla Ross ‘22 helped the team pull ahead. Giselle Kiefer ‘21 and Ross increased the lead even further by leaping high to deliver an aggressive double block. Libero Jessica Lane ‘21 then made an impressive bump over her shoulder and Kiefer hit an unreturnable ball onto the Raider’s side of the court. Lauren King ‘20 had a three-serve streak, leading the Warriors to a score of 19-12. The set ended when Snow set a strong assist to Erin Fagan ‘22 who hit it over the net, aiding them in taking down the opposing team 25-18.

“Our communicating [could be improved upon],” Lane said. “Also the energy and effort we put in our games.”

The second set started similarly to the first, with neither the Warriors nor the Raiders being able to gain a lead. Finally, after a powerful serve by Peyton Ferree ‘22 and a kill by Madeleine Shrull ‘21, the Warriors gained the upper hand, making the score 11-8. The Raiders struggled to score in the following three points. The Warriors continued to play scrappily, refusing to let the Raiders score. Ferree and Shrull put up a solid double block, and a tip by Ross helped them maintain their lead. The other team almost scored a point, but Lane slid across the court to get the ball, causing the team get it over the net, and increasing the score to 20-12. Finally, Fagan went for a kill and finished the game, winning the set 25-21.

“We should always be covering our hitters and be ready for the unexpected,”  Delaney Willing ‘21 said. “We should communicate more.”

The Lady Warriors’ next game is on Oct. 16 against the Hendrickson Hawks at Hendrickson High School.