JV Orange Volleyball Wins A Nail-Biter Against Vandegrift 2-1

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  • McKayla Ross ’22 prepares to spike the ball.

  • Delaney Willing ’21 watches the ball fall as she gets ready to hit it.

  • Sam Snow 21 sets the ball.

  • McKayla Ross ’22 blocks an opponent’s spike.

  • Delaney Willing ’22 draws her hand back in preparation for a spike.

  • Lauren King ’20 sets the ball for Madeleine Shrull ’21.

  • Madeleine Shrull ’21 spikes the ball.

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On Friday, Oct. 19, the Warriors won a tough match against the Vandegrift Vipers by a final score of 2-1.

In the first set, the Warriors came out strong, taking the lead 8-2. Yet the Vipers fought back to bring the score to 8-7 and then the two teams went back and forth. The lead changes continued past the end score of 25, with neither team up by two points. Finally, Westwood took the lead 27-26 and an ace by Peyton Ferree ‘22 won the set 28-26.

“I think we had a lot of energy and in the first set we just kept pushing and brought our play up as a team,” Jessica Lane ‘21 said.

In the second set, the Warriors unfortunately fell behind early and were down 10-5. However, they played well and rallied from being down 21-15 to almost tie the score at 22. But after Westwood brought the score to 22-21, the Vipers rallied to end the set 21-25.

In the third set, the Warriors started 2-0 with a block by McKayla Ross ‘22. Though the Vipers quickly tied it up, the Warriors took the lead again 3-2 with a tip by Ferree. After the game was tied at 8-8, Westwood took control of the set 11-8. After an ace by Sam Snow ‘21 to make the score 12-8, the Warriors maintained a lead of three or more throughout. Though Vandegrift tried to come back in the end, bringing a 23-17 score to 23-20, Westwood would end it 25-21 on a spike by Ferree.

“It was a nail biter, three sets, so that always makes it fun. I thought my girls did amazing and honestly, they had fun with it. I think that was the difference,” Coach Amber Hall said. “We were really, really scrappy and we played lots of tough defense. It was a long match and with lots of long rallies, you can get really tired, but I thought that they did a really good job of working hard and giving effort in every point.”

After the game was over, the Warriors celebrated with Ferree pretending to bowl a strike. The rest of the team lined up like pins and fell down as one when Ferree threw an imaginary ball at them.

“We do it to show we’re knocking out opponents,” Delaney Willing ‘21 said. “It was fun.”

The Warriors will take their momentum from this game into next week when they will play Vista Ridge on Tuesday, Oct. 23.