JV White Volleyball Bitten By Vipers 2-1

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On Friday, Oct. 25, the JV White team fought against the Vandegrift Vipers, falling 2-1 despite their best efforts.

“We definitely got into our groove as a team and we played well,” Bella Garcia ’21 said. “For me personally though, I think I could improve on a lot [of things]. As an athlete you’re always looking to improve.”

The first set started strong with Lauren Kelley ’21 serving the first point, and Kenna Williams ’22 and Emma Marsden ’21 making kills that put the Lady Warriors in the lead 2-0. After that, the Vipers fought back and the game became neck and neck. Later, Marsden bumped to Alma Zirojevic ’21 who got a successful kill and pushed the Warriors lead to 7-6. Williams again broke a tie with her kill bumping the score to 10-10. Despite this, the Vipers pulled ahead again with their sharp attacks. Marsden and Garcia also executed kills that pushed the Lady Warriors closer to the Vipers’ lead at 17-13. Claire Gray ’21, Marsden, and Garcia volleyed back and forth to get the Lady Warriors a point, however, the Vipers kept the lead and the set ended 25-16.

“The first time we played Vandegrift, it was not as good as this,” Zirojevic said. “We’ve improved throughout the season and it was a fun game to play and watch.”

The second set wasn’t looking so good for the Lady Warriors, with the Vipers grabbing the first three points. But, Marsden, Garcia, and Kelley were quick to change that as they bumped to each other to get a point and got the score 3-1. Ellie Duff ’22 then fought harder and evened the score 3-3. Williams and Garcia continued to have double blocks that earned the team two more points. In the middle of the game, the Lady Warriors kicked it into high gear and took the lead from then on. Duff’s kill pushed them 15-13, with Catherine Ray ’22 following behind and her kill also getting a point. Ray blocked the ball twice and both times pushed their lead even further forward 22-18. Garcia’s kill won the set 25-20.

“Compared to the last time we played Vandegrift, we played really well,” Coach Lanea Meyer said. “We just need to hang on at the end.”

In the third set, Kelley’s serve got the first point of the game for the Lady Warriors. However, the Vipers fought back and took the lead the rest of the set. Duff’s dig advanced the Warriors, as did Lydia Harris ’22’s serve, both pushing the score to 3-2 and 7-6, respectively. Duff and Kelley also continually blocked the ball throughout the set. Although the Warriors put up a serious fight, the set ended 25-10.

“We should try to not get down on ourselves too much and play every play as if it’s the first point in the game,” Zirojevic said.

The Lady Warriors will play the Vista Ridge Rangers on Tuesday, Oct. 23.