GALLERY: JV White Volleyball Suffers Defeat Against Cedar Ridge

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  • Lauren Kelley ’21 gets ready to set the ball to allow her fellow teammate to spike it over the net.

  • Emma Marsden ’21 jumps to block the ball.

  • Catherine Ray ’22 and Isabella Garcia ’21 jump to block the ball from entering their side of the court.

  • Alma Zirojevic ’21 strategically tips the ball over the net.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 sets the ball for Ellie Duff ’22.

  • Alma Zirojevic ’21 saves the ball by passing it backwards and over the net.

  • Ellie Duff ’22 gets ready top spike the ball.

  • Izzy Correll ’22 passes the ball for her teammates, setting up a perfect pass for the hitters.

  • Isabella Garcia ’21 gets ready for a powerful serve over the net.

  • The team celebrates another point scored, giving them the lead.

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