Freshman Volleyball Defeated by Vandegrift 2-0

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  • Olivia Cook ’23 saves the ball by passing it over the net. It was a close call, but because of Cooks quick reaction, she was able to save the team from losing a point.

  • Macie Gordon ’23 and team mate jump and try to block the ball from their side of the court. Usually playing in the front, its up to Gordon to spike and block the ball. With outstanding blocks, she was able to help the team gain many points.

  • Ella Wood ’23 gets ready to serve the ball to the Vipers. Wood was nervous about going against Vandergrift, but she still ended up scoring up to 5 points with serves alone.

  • Katie Liu ’23 sets the ball to team mates. As a setter, its up to Liu to pass the ball to the hitters. With amazing passes, Liu was able to help the team score many points.

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The freshman volleyball team went up against the Vandegrift Vipers on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Although it was a close game, the Lady Warriors lost 2-0.

“We knew coming into this game it was going to be tougher than any of the ones we played before,” Ella Wood ‘23 said. “But I feel that overall our team did pretty good.” 

In the first set, the Lady Warriors were many points behind the Vipers. It wasn’t until Wood made some incredible serves, that they were able to surpass Vandegrift 20-17. Towards the end, it was a combination of outstanding passes by Katie Liu ‘23 and powerful hits by Kylie Woodlow ‘23 that helped the team catch up, but unfortunately the Vipers won the set 26-24.

“I think as a team we played really well today,” Woodlow said. “We were communicating a lot more this game which helped us a lot in the long run.” 

In the second set, the Warriors started off with high energy, giving them the lead by a score of 10-7. It was a close set; the Vipers would be in the lead at one point, but the Lady Warriors would soon catch up. Stunning blocks by Macie Gordon ‘23 and breathtaking saves by Olivia Cook ‘23 are what led the team to close the gap.The Lady Warriors unfortunately lost to the Vipers 25-20. 

“It was a hard team but I think we pushed farther than some of our first games,” Gordon said. “We didn’t give up as easily, and kept on going even if it seemed like we might lose.” 

The freshman team’s next game is on Friday, Sept. 20 at Vista Ridge.