JV Orange Volleyball Loses to Vista Ridge 2-0

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  • Phia Parent ’22 pushes the ball over the net. Being unable to catch up to the Rangers, the Lady Warriors lost the point during the second set.

  • Eyeing the ball, Phia Parent ’22 prepares to serve the ball across. Throughout the second set, the Lady Warriors were tied with the Rangers but could not get a lead.

  • Jumping up in the air, Claire Delane ’23 spikes the ball over the net. The point ended up going to Rangers during the first set.

  • Phia Parent ’22 tips the ball over the net. Despite the Lady Warriors’ wining point, they lose the set 25-22.

  • Jumping in unison, Vibha Velur ’23 and another teammate attempt to block the ball. Despite the Lady Warriors winning the point, they could not pull ahead of the Rangers.

  • Lauren Wood ’21 prepares to serve the ball. Despite Wood’s powerful serve, the Lady Warriors ended up losing the set.

  • Emma Trail ’22 jumps to hit the ball over. Tying the score up, the Lady Warriors won the point.

  • In returning the Rangers’ serve, Giselle Kiefer ’22 bumps the ball. The Lady Warriors take a one-point lead after the play.

  • Phia Parent ’22 sets the ball for Vibha Velur ’23. The Rangers take back their lead and ultimately winning the second set.

  • Phia Parent ’22 sets the ball for a teammate. The Lady Warriors win the point and take the lead at the beginning of the first set.

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The JV Orange volleyball team took on the Vista Ridge Rangers on Friday, Sept. 6. Although the Lady Warriors did their best, they lost 2-0. 

The Warriors started the game well, scoring the first three points, but the Rangers weren’t far behind, quickly evening the score. Lauren Wood ‘21 saved the ball with a close dive and Melani Helms ‘22 was able to barely hit the ball over the net and get the Warriors a point. Despite their impressive saves, Vista Ridge pulled ahead and won the set 25-18. 

“We really worked hard on our off blocker defense, executing, and serves,” Kenna Williams ‘22 said. “We tried to get good ups, run our offense well and hit the corners.”

During most of the second set, the Rangers stayed one point ahead of the Warriors. They did their best to catch up, with Alex Kriz ‘23 sprinting to the edge of the court and hitting the ball back over, winning them a point, but they were unable to take the lead. After a powerful strike from Vista Ridge that the Warriors were not ready for, the Rangers won the set 25-22.

“I think I could have played better, I don’t think I did very well because I wasn’t communicating with my players as well as I usually do, but other than that I think as a team we did pretty well,” Claire Delane ‘23 said. 

The JV Orange girls will take on the Stony Point Tigers next on Tuesday, Oct. 1.