JV White Volleyball Falls Under Vandergrift 2-0

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  • Chiara Morel ’23 and Cassidy Denton ’23 arrange themselves in preparation for the next serve. At the end of the play, the Vipers ended up taking the point.

  • The team huddles before the beginning of the second set. The Warriors were putting up a tough fight against the Vipers.

  • Aria Hegde ’22 hugs her teammates after they gained a point against the Vipers. However, despite their efforts, the Warriors ended up losing this set.

  • Catie Duff ’22 watches the ball as she prepares to hit it over the net. Unfortunately, the ball went out-of-bounds during this play.

  • Allie Shepherd ’23 and the rest of the team line up to high five the opposing team at the end of the game. Even though the team tried their best, the Vipers ended up taking the win.

  • Ellie Duff ’22 prepares to serve the ball. The Warriors ended up winning the point during this play.

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The JV White Warriors competed against the Vandegrift Vipers in a home game and lost 2-0 on Thursday, Sep. 17.

“We played good, but we could have played a lot better,” Ellie Duff ‘22 said. “We weren’t talking as much as we should’ve been and our energy wasn’t as high as it should’ve been.”

In the first set, the Lady Warriors fought hard but fell short with a score of 25-21. The team discussed and switched players in preparation for the next set. Despite the first loss, the team members supported each other and remained hopeful for the next set.

“Our game was definitely harder because Vandegrift does hold a high name,” Abbey Jennings ‘22 said. “But I think if we would’ve played like we usually do, we would have probably beat them.”

After the second set began, the Vipers won two points, but the Warriors eventually broke the Vipers’ winning streak when Duff spiked the ball. The Lady Warriors stayed strong and remained two points ahead for the first half of the set. Later, when the Vipers had the lead 16-14, a time-out was used. The team huddled around and came back with the players standing in more evenly distributed positions. However, the Warriors still fell behind by five points because of a service error and receiving errors. Despite the large difference in score, the Lady Warriors encouraged each other. Although the warriors were slowly catching up, time ran out and the set ended 25-21, with the Vipers winning the game.

“I think our serve receive needs to be a lot better, and also our energy,” Aria Hegde ‘22 said. “I don’t think we played really bad because we just didn’t play as good as we could’ve, like our best game. That should’ve been a game we could have [won].”

The JV White Volleyball team’s next game is also at home, against Vista Ridge on Friday, Sep. 20.