Halloween Horror Month: ‘Get Out’


Main character, Chris Washington, screams as he is tied to the chair. The poster showcases a small part of the fear that took place in ‘Get Out’. Photo Courtesy of Get Out Instagram (@getoutmovie).

By Dia Jain, Horizon Assistant Editor

Released in 2017, the film Get Out can only be described as exciting, horrifying, and intriguing. The horror comedy addresses social issues with creativity and fear that could have been pulled off by none other than director Jordan Peele. Written by Peele as well, this film was chosen to be in the top 10 films of 2017 and was also nominated for 13 awards. The movie received well-deserved praise, raving reviews, and multiple nominations soon after it came out due to it’s incredible plot line, cinematography, and acting.

The story revolves around Chris Washington, a young African American man, who is visiting his girlfriend Rose Armitage’s family. Throughout his stay at the Armitage household, Washington witnesses unnatural behavior from the household staff, all of whom are black. Missy Armitage, mother of Rose Armitage, convinces Washington to attend a hypnotherapy session to help him break his smoking habits. Later, Washington attends a party at the Armitage estate where a strange interaction occurs between him and another guest, leading him to become more suspicious and wanting to leave the household. The events continue to unfold with plot twists and mysterious reveals. The unbearable suspense grows, until finally, it comes crashing down when Washington learns the truth of the awful occurrences that have been happening in the Armitage house.

Without the phenomenal acting done by the cast of Get Out, the film wouldn’t be the hit it is still considered today. Daniel Kaluuya acting as Washington was the perfect choice for his complex role. His every emotion and every thought was clearly conveyed through his outstanding performance. Rose Armitage was played by Allison Williams, another great pick. Williams was able to capture every essence of her character and kept the audience on their toes with the shocking reveals and turns brought by her character. The rest of the cast did not lag behind in their portrayals of their characters. Each role played a huge part in bringing the movie together whether it be in the funny moments or those filled with unbreakable tension bringing viewers to the edge of their seats. 

Intense scenes were brought even more into life with the impressive cinematography. Each scene made the viewer feel as though they were a part of each and every dramatic moment. The emotional moments tugged at the viewers hearts when putting the imaginative reality of the “sunken place” on camera. Despite these imaginative moments in Get Out, the movie also has roots in reality with it’s sad connections to lives African Americans led in the past. The fear that this movie showed was only a piece of the fear that African Americans felt in their daily lives. Peele took these real-life experiences some of which are believed to be untrue and created a thought-provoking film unlike any other.

Watching Get Out is an experience that no other movie has been able to create. Peele’s knack for creativity brought out a masterpiece which cannot be praised enough. The quiet horror, intriguing mysteries, and wonderful performances put together begin to make the thrilling wonder that is Get Out. I am not a fan of traumatizing horror movies but Get Out is a horror film which does not smack you in the face with terrifying scenes but rather builds them up with suspense and thrill. This movie is one that I could not recommend more.

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