JV Orange Volleyball Reigns in Mavericks 2-0

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  • Jumping in the air, Phia Parent ’22 pushes the ball over the net. The Lady Warriors took the lead early on during the second set.

  • Eyeing the ball, Alex Kriz ’23 prepares to serve it over. All throughout the second set, Kriz made several successful serves.

  • Jumping in the air, outside hitter Kenna Williams ’22 spikes the ball over the net. The Lady Warriors won the point, keeping their lead over the Mavericks during the second set.

  • Phia Parent ’22 backsets the ball for Trinity Woods ’23. Winning the point, the Lady Warriors take the lead during the first set.

  • With the ball in the air, Claire Delane ’23 eyes it carefully to execute the serve. Delane made several crucial serves throughout the game.

  • Jumping in unison, middle blockers Vibha Velur ’23 and Catherine Ray ’22 attempt to block the oncoming ball. In spite of the Mavericks winning the point, the Lady Warriors won the game in the first two sets.

  • After Phia Parent ’22 set the ball, Vibha Velur ’23 spikes the ball, sending it over the net. The Mavericks won the point, but they still could not catch up to the Lady Warriors.

  • Returning the Mavericks’ serve, Alex Kriz ’23 bumps the ball. Despite the close score at the time, the Lady Warriors pulled ahead and won the first set 25-23.

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The JV Orange volleyball team defeated the McNeil Mavericks 2-0 on Friday, Oct. 4 at home, where the players and coaches could be seen wearing pink t-shirts and accessories off-court in support of breast cancer patients.

The Warriors started the first set strong with Phia Parent ‘22 scoring the first point of the game. The score was close throughout the whole set, especially during the first half in which the margin was held to three points or less. Alex Kriz ‘23 displayed her powerful strike multiple times, including one that broke past the Mavericks’ two-person block. Lauren Wood ‘21 recovered a long hit that went out of the court, sending it back for Melani Helms ‘22 to hit. While the teams stayed neck and neck for most of the set, the Warriors pulled through and won the first set 25-23.

“We started to miss a lot of serves, which kind of gave the other team the momentum,” Helms said. “We really needed to pick up our energy and our communication.”

The Warriors returned with a strong offense for the second set, including a service ace by Kriz and quick spikes from Kenna Williams ‘22. Parent, a setter, performed a tricky dump that threw the Mavericks off course. Vibha Velur ‘23 and Catherine Ray ‘22 teamed up to block many of the Mavericks’ incoming spikes. The Warriors maintained their lead throughout the entire set, and with one last spike from Williams, the game ended with a score of 25-17. 

“We made sure not to be cocky because we won the first set,” Wood said. “We needed to get even more points this time and even more energy and even more communication, and we did a great job.”

The JV Orange volleyball team will play their next game against the Raiders at Cedar Ridge on Tuesday, Oct. 8.