Oh Wonder Spreads Message of Positivity with New Album


Photo By @ohwondermusic

Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West pose for a picture with their new album. This is their third studio album together. Photo Courtesy of @ohwondermusic.

By Shawkin Kabir, Reporter

Oh Wonder, the alt-pop duo from London made up of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, released their new album, No One Else Can Wear Your Crown, on Friday, Feb. 8. This is their third album as a pair following the release of Oh Wonder and Ultralife, both of which have received positive reviews for their unique style. No One Else Can Wear Your Crown doesn’t disappoint, as the theme of positivity given in the title is exemplified in the music.

The first song on the album is Dust, a light song that lifts the listener’s spirits. The song includes the titular phrase of the album and sets the uplifting tone of the rest of the album. The duo reminds us that in hard times, we should keep in mind that we are all connected to each other, and the tune brings forward a theme of love rather than division amongst ourselves that needs to be heard. The use of the expression in the title makes it clear to whoever’s listening, that no matter what happens, they can get through it.

Another memorable title from the list is the song Happy. Not only does the song bring the listener into an engaging storyline, but it manages to simultaneously have a sound that stays in the mind of whoever has heard it long after the headphones come off. Happy brings forward a story in which we are placed in the point of view of someone who has been through a breakup and sees their partner has moved on. While they thought they’d be upset, they realize that they are truly happy for their ex. The narrator in the storyline acknowledges that they had a hard time after the breakup that they didn’t think would end, but seeing themselves happy for their former partner has them realize that they’ve finally moved on as well. The upbeat song has a catchy pop-like chorus throughout and echoed lyrics that bring the reader back into the tune near the end. Combining musical talent with a message that things get better makes this a delightful tune.

The whole album manages to speak a moral at the same time as bringing a diverse cornucopia of styles of music that sets this album apart from the rest and can be seen in any song of the album. Better Now is a song of hope as the duo was inspired by a loved one’s difficulty with the birth of their first child, and intertwines their kind message with an electronic and electric vibe that is exhilarating yet calming. In And Out Of Love is another song with a strong meaning as it speaks of the power the connection with someone brings into life and the impact a loved one can have on you, while How It Goes immediately seduces the reader with its jazz-like hook at the start of the tune.

However, I think the real star of the album is Hallelujah as it combines a beautifully crafted combination of music styles with an upbeat message. The song starts with a soft piano tune that quickly absorbs the listener and then slowly gets louder and more powerful while the lyrics revolve around thoughts of self-doubt. The beat comes in while the lyrics transform into a strong message of confidence, no matter what anyone thinks. The listener is then transformed into the uplifting chorus that proves this to be a surefire song to help the listener when they go through moments of low self-esteem.

No One Else Can Wear Your Crown sets itself apart as a stellar album with its implementation of a diverse collection of genres that makes each song feel like a surprise gift waiting to be unwrapped. This album is like the voice of a loved one to the listener that can always uplift their spirits, and that unique ability is what makes it a memorable collection for years to come.