Varsity Girls’ Soccer Thumps Cedar Ridge For 5-0 Senior Night Win

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  • Upon receiving the ball, midfielder Skylar Zinnecker ’23 dribbles the ball downfield, further advancing the ball. Zinnecker would make the first goal of the game halfway through the first half, starting the Warriors off strong 1-0.

  • Focusing in, defender Ashley Broadbent ’22 receives the ball from downfield. Broadbent would dribble the ball across the field and make a pass to another teammate.

  • After receiving a pass from a teammate, midfielder Skylar Zinnecker ’23 attempts to gain possession of the ball with an opposing player up against her side. The Raiders would take possession but the Warriors would quickly regain.

  • Forward Katelyn Woodruff ’21 dribbles the ball across the field after receiving the ball. Woodruff would advance the ball further downfield.

  • With an opposing player coming up from her left side, midfielder Hailey Martinez ’21 dribbles the ball across the field and would attempt to make a goal. Despite the missed shot, the Warriors would close out the first half of the game 2-0.

  • Gaining possession of the ball, forward Anisha Chintala ’21 dribbles the ball downfield. Chintala would go on to make the last goal of the game, closing out their win 5-0.

  • With two opposing players on each side, forward Katelyn Woodruff ’21 attempts to dribble the ball around to maintain possession. Woodruff would make a pass to another teammate.

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The varsity girls’ soccer team played against district rival Cedar Ridge on Friday, Mar. 5. The game started out pretty slow, but after a while, the Warriors started to get the ball moving. The team gained confidence after scoring their first goal, and the first half ended with the Warriors leading 2-0 after another goal later in the half.

“[The game] started out a little slow, but we went with it,” Elizabeth Kotick ‘22 said. 

The cheerleaders performed during the halftime break as entertainment for those in attendance.  The players came back from the half more energized than ever and the game started to pick up the pace. They didn’t let the ball stay idle for once by passing it back and forth the whole time. The Warriors scored three goals in the second half to win the game 5-0.

“ I think the game went really well,” Kotick said.

The Warriors will play against the Stony Point Tigers at Stony Point High School on Friday, Mar. 12.