Don’t Believe the Misleading Stereotype of Pitbulls


Al Case

Pitbulls are sweet, loving, and kind dogs that have wrongfully been labeled as a dangerous breed. Photo courtesy of Al Case.

Emily Malone, Photographer

Pitbulls are sweet, loving, and kind dogs that have wrongfully been labeled as a dangerous breed. The fact of the matter is there are no dangerous dog breeds, however, people fail to understand that. Dogs, just like humans, are a product of their environment. They are unfortunately mistreated and used as fight dogs or simply trained to be mean. Despite this being the case, Pitbulls can be just as loving and sweet as any other breed. The stereotype surrounding these dogs is slowly being eradicated, but the breed is still being discriminated against. 

My sister has chosen a Pitbull to be her family dog. Some people might find that a dangerous decision, but their dog is so incredibly patient and kind to the kids. The three of them will lay on top of him, and all he will do is lick their faces. Their Pitbull was previously abused and left in a shelter before they rescued him, but he is the sweetest creature who just wants love. He climbs up on the couch and wants to cuddle up and sleep in your lap despite him being about 90lbs. He is playful, patient, and loving, despite what society has to say about him or his breed. 

Statistically, Pitbulls are still the most dangerous breed in the U.S., taking up 66 percent of dog attacks. This can be attributed to the fact Pitbulls are often trained to be either attack or fight dogs. It is not the dog’s fault they were taught to be vicious.  Pitbulls are the most common breed used for fighting rings or abusive treatments. Statistics show one in four abused dogs are Pits. Dogfighting rings torture and starves the dogs to activate their survival instincts, promoting aggressive behavior. Pitbulls are often chained, starved, and given steroids to make them vicious. When dog fighting rings no longer need the dogs, they either breed, electrocute, drown, hang, or shoot them.  While statistically, Pitbulls might be the most dangerous dogs, they are also statistically the dogs most abused and led to being vicious. 

Pitbulls do not deserve the treatment or stereotype they are given. Pitbulls are rarely given a chance to prove themselves, with 50 percent of Pitbulls in shelters being euthanized. While previously mentioned statistics say Pits account for 66 percent of dog attacks, a recent peer review study conducted by the CDC where they analyzed 20 years of dog attacks found that 50 different dog breeds have been involved in dog attacks since 2016. Furthermore, in a different peer review study, it was found that 60 percent of “Pitbull type” breeds are misidentified. Not only are dogs misidentified in the incident report, but the number one dog breed listed for bite incidents is “unknown.”  This finding only further proves that aggression is not specific to one breed. These dogs do not deserve to be shamed and cast away like some monster but deserve the love and care given to other breeds. Do not just listen to society and its stereotypes. Give this breed the chance it deserves.