Varsity Volleyball Overcomes Westlake in a Five Set Thriller

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  • Minutes before the game, the girls huddle up enthusiastically. Hands interlocked, our athletes showed the crowd unbreakable team spirit.

  • While warming up, the athletes run drills to prepare the team. Rachel Cai 24′ set a high ball for her left side.

  • Number eight, Erin Fagan 22′, squats ready beside teammate Lola Fernandez 23′, awaiting a serve. The two wore focused looks.

  • Coach Grant calls the girls in for a huddle, the score cutting close towards the end of the third set. The team strategized their next moves carefully.

  • The crowd claps on as Westwood Varsity wins their second set of the night. The team showed signs of victory.

  • After a prolonged and ambitious, Tuesday night, our Varsity Volleyball triumphantly wins against Westlake in the 5th set. So proud of our lady Warriors!

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In an exciting five set showdown, the varsity volleyball team bested the Westlake Chaps. The Lady Warrior’s exhibited not only their solid defense and formidable attacks, but their rock hard mentality as well in a game that had the whole crowd on its toes. 

Alex Kriz ‘23 led the ladies with 15 kills, dominating the court as soon as she came off the bench. Peyton Ferree ‘22 was close behind with 14 kills of her own and 22 digs. Lola Fernandez ‘23 rocked the defensive part of the game, leading with 37 digs. 

“With my injury lately it’s been a little rough since I haven’t been starting but I just try to stay warm and stay in the game, make sure every play is an opportunity to get better,¨ said Kriz.

The first set was neck and neck throughout the beginning, however Westwood managed to pull ahead, winning the first set 25-18. They played with good energy and connected efficiently, ultimately contributing to their first win of the match. Similar to the first set, both teams earned points back and forth throughout the course of the second set, however the Chaps managed to snag the win, 25-19,  with some well placed hits in the end.

The third set consisted of a series of long lasting rallies, with many amazing digs by Fernandez and Ferrere. The third set was finished with a flawless kill by Erin Fagan ‘22, winning the set 25-21 and putting Westwood in the lead 2-1. 

“I definitely liked our defense, there were definitely some long rallies that were pretty exhausting and so I think that our defense really brought it in a lot of crucial points.” said Tara Grant, the varsity volleyball team’s coach

The fourth set was back and forth, neither team wanting to back down in this ruthless duel. The rallies dragged on and on, each team evenly displaying their offensive and defensive skill sets. Eventually Westlake pulled ahead with multiple kills, winning the fourth set, 25-21, and tying the score.

The final set of the match was an amazing finale, truly exhibiting the Lady Warrior’s unshakable spirit and mentality. Like the others, this set consisted of long, nail biting rallies, both teams earning points equally. With the teams tied near the end of the set, the whole gym was going ballistic, everybody cheering with anxious excitement. Westlake managed to hit game point, 14-12. 

“(Westlake) had game point 14-12 and that’s a tough timeout to come out of, so to put two points on the board right away, that was huge, this says a lot about their mental focus,” said Grant.

Finally at game point, with the possibility of a win in their hands, Kriz executed a brilliant roll shot across the court, ending the match victoriously. 

¨I think we really pulled it through, we won in five sets, and in five sets you have to have super good endurance,” said Phia Parent ‘22. “I think everybody gave it their all within the last few points, and that really carried us.¨