What Your Favorite 80s Artist says about You


Oliver Barnfield

The 80s produced a wide variety of great and terrible music. But what does your taste in this unique music time period say about your personality? Find out in this article!

Oliver Barnfield, Video Editor

If you’re a normal human being, you probably have a favorite song from the 80’s. Iconic numbers that still rule the radios made their debut in this unforgettable decade. Odds are you’ve probably developed a strong relationship with the era’s most popular bands and artists whether you lived through them or not. So here’s what your favorite band, artist or musician from the 80’s says about your personality.

Van Halen – You peaked in high school.

The Cure – You go from being incredibly depressed to incredibly happy in a matter of seconds. Despite this, you’re still fun to be around.

Kate Bush – You regularly attend Ren Fests and are definitely a theatre kid.

Phil Collins – You love uncooked pop tarts.

Peter Gabriel – You love cooked pop tarts.

Genesis – You eat both cooked and uncooked pop tarts.

Wang Chung – You wear funny socks.

Depeche Mode – You wear shorts on a cold day.

Duran Duran – You think you’re really cool. You probably aren’t.

Men at Work – You’re either Australian or want to be Australian.

Bruce Springsteen – You’re probably a dad and definitely drive a truck.

The Police – You’re popular and well-liked but are interested in weird topics that you keep to yourself.

Mr. Mister – You eat freezer-burned food.

Huey Lewis and the News – You are quite possibly the most boring person alive.

Thomas Dolby – Your hands are always inexplicably sticky.

Pet Shop Boys – You have eaten soap.

Michael Jackson – You’re popular but are hiding some really messed up secrets.

Joy Division – You have very noticeable bags under your eyes.

New Order – You prefer ice in your water.

The Stray Cats – You emotionally connected to The Outsiders in 7th grade Language Arts class.

The Smiths – You wear oversized hoodies and glasses even though you don’t need them.

Journey – You collected Lisa Frank posters as a kid and still do, albeit secretly.

Kajagoogoo – Your mind is an enigma. You are an individual who must be studied to be understood and should be considered an anomaly of science. I cannot begin to understand you or anything you do.

Bon Jovi – You smell like Axe body spray

Motley Crue – You used to drink Axe Body Spray

Def Leppard – You still drink Axe Body Spray

Poison – You have always wanted to drink Axe Body Spray

Lionel Richie – You smell strongly of old vegetables

R.E.M. – No one knows what you’re talking about.

Tangerine Dream – You love floating on your back in the ocean.

The Cars – You’re very tall and fun to be around. You love orange juice.

The B-52s – You have an intense personal connection to The Jetsons.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – You don’t remember the 80s.

Rick Springfield – You’re a corporate slug.

Styx – You’re favorite food is still chicken nuggets.

Hall & Oates – You’d go to Disneyland alone at age 47.

Ratt – You love paintball.

INXS – You have a very large bathroom mirror.

Corey Hart – You still sleep on a waterbed.

UB40 – You have a swimming pool that you never use.

George Michael – Your favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

Rick Astley – Your favorite restaurant is Cheesecake Factory.

Kenny Loggins – A mangled VHS copy of Top Gun is the only movie you own.

Prince – Your favorite color is purple, obviously.

Billy Joel – Your favorite movie is Dead Poets Society.

Billy Idol – You have attempted to wrestle a bear.

Cyndi Lauper – You’re someone’s funny older sister or aunt.

Madonna – You change your hairstyle often.

Foreigner – It’s been 3 months since you’ve eaten a vegetable.

Pixies – You’ve eaten raw coffee grounds.

Tears for Fears – You never give birthday gifts.

Devo – You code avidly.

Soft Cell – You have an unusually good sense of smell.

U2 – You’re really into geopolitics.

Oingo Boingo – Your favorite holiday is Halloween.

Talking Heads – You’re a naturally giggly person.

XTC – Your favorite vegetables are sweet potatoes.

The Fixx – You have unusually large hands.

Robert Palmer – You love Hungry Man Dinners.

Debbie Gibson – Your husband loves Hungry Man Dinners.

Bryan Adams – You exclusively watch reruns of old baseball games.

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