Live Music Fun Flex Friday: Devin Jake, Sophia Johnson Perform Country Hits and Original Songs

Selena Molinari, Yearbooker

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  • Looking down, the two musicians concentrate on performing a song. They played songs from Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and some of their own creation.

The sweet sound of the Austin Texas music scene rang through the brightly-lit classroom, the dulcet tones of the energetic country duo bringing a sense of comfort into the room. On Friday, March 4, Westwood social studies teacher Mr. Tim Bray welcomed Devin Jake and Sophia Johnson to share their story and music with his flex class. 

Their setlist started off strong with an original song titled “Anywhere Bound,” which won Best Americana song of 2013 for the Independent Music Awards.  The song weaved a story of a traveler leaving their old town without a clear destination in mind.

The duo continued with “A Coat Of Many Colors” by renowned country singer Dolly Parton. During the session, Jake was sporting a Dolly Parton shirt, making his love for Parton’s music known from the start.

The third song the couplet played was “Lover” by Taylor Swift. Before jumping into the song, Jake recalled the story of how he had met Taylor Swift backstage when he had headlined a performance of hers.

The final song was another original titled “Lately.” Jake explained that this song was about his difficulty getting over an ex and everything that happened following.

Jake discussed his backstory and his journey to becoming an artist in Austin.   Jake’s biggest influence in country music was his mom. Jake’s mom and her siblings all played bluegrass when he was growing up, inspiring him to pursue the music himself.

He spoke about how he first started performing every Tuesday at a little bar called the Townhall Pub in Maple Ridge, Canada. When the main member of the band at the time decided to move to Austin impulsively, Jake left with him. In Austin, Jake first started performing at a bar called the “Hole In The Wall,” where he met his current bandmate, Sophia Johnson.

 Following his start in Austin, Jake began to get requests to sing at various events and venues. He explained how he doesn’t do much out of his way to get gigs anymore, as he has connections that help him work off requests.

Though Jake expressed his preference of performing live over recording music, he has released two albums so far and is currently in production of a third, set to release in August.  However, he still enjoys interacting with audiences and sharing bits of his passion.

The live music session was an inspiring experience for the student audience, and the performers were able to bring their unique country music to life. For more information about Devin Jake or his duo with Sophia Johnson, visit this website.