Freshman Volleyball Falls to Westlake

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  • Colleen Wyrick ’21 waits for the perfect time to strike.

  • Grace Neall ’21 preps for a serve.

  • Colleen Wyrick ’21 assesses what should be done next.

  • Freshmen Claire Legaspi, Lauren Tyndall, and Isabella Garcia await the serve from Westlake.

  • Freshmen Claire Legaspi, Isabella Garcia, and Kristen Koporc prepare to give Colleen Wyrick ’21 a hand.

  • Greta Marsden ’21 gets the ball over the net and earns points for the team.

  • Claire Legaspi ’21 and Lauren Tyndall ’21 stop and listen to the encouragements given from the sidelines.

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The previously undefeated freshman volleyball team unfortunately lost their winning streak to Westlake on Friday, Sept. 1 in the auxiliary gym. The first set of the game began as a fierce fight, with both teams consecutively adding points to the scoreboard. However, near the middle, Westwood began to fall closely behind, eventually ending in a 0-2 loss.

“I thought that we could have done a lot better, but I understand because we were put under a lot of pressure,” Quincy Jones ‘21 said. “Westlake had a reputation so I guess it just scared us before the game and we just couldn’t get it through our heads that we were going to be fine.”

In spite of the nervousness of the team, they stayed persistent and strong, especially during the beginning of the second set. The team began catching up and making a close lead to match Westlake but never got above

them. Eventually, the scores were tied, creating tension throughout the gym. But, nearing the end of the second set, Westlake took the floor and won the set 25-18.

“We needed to communicate more and be more positive and encouraging,” Coach Makenzie McGalliard said. “We could definitely have played a good game against that team, but we just needed to be more encouraging to each other and have a better attitude.”

Despite the loss, the Lady Warriors played strongly during both sets, never falling too far behind from the other team. But more importantly, the loss came before the beginning of districts, which will begin next week, allowing them to still keep their head in the game.

The Lady Warriors will next compete against Lake Travis on Tuesday, Sept. 5 in the auxiliary gym at 6:30 p.m..