JV Orange Volleyball Falls to Lake Travis

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  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 jumps to pass the ball over.

  • Purvi Mujumdar ’21 sets the ball to her teammates.

  • Even after a tough game against Lake Travis, the team still has energy. The final score was 25-16.

  • Reagan Harrington ‘20 and Ingrid Stading ‘19 blocked Lake Travis from getting the ball over the net.

  • The JV Orange Volleyball team gets excited for the game and does a quick team huddle and chants.

  • The team had one last pre-game huddle for Coach Ochoa to tell the girls a few more tips of advice.

  • Ingrid Stading ’19 worked on her volleyball skills before the game begins.

  • Anna King ’20 serves the ball.

  • Madison shrull ’21, Anna King ’20, and Emily Price ’21 waiting for referees call.

  • Maddie Gillipsie ’20 waits for other team to serve.

  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 and Madison Shrull ’21 waits for set.

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The JV Orange volleyball team battled against Lake Travis on Tuesday, Sept. 5 but unfortunately came away with a loss at the end of the night. The Lady Warriors did have a fire and spirit about them at the beginning of the game that held strong throughout its entirety, even at the end of the second set, concluding with their 0-2 loss.

“We finished the first set really strongly, but then at the end we lost all of our momentum and didn’t do as well,” said Abby Gregorczyk ‘21. The game against Lake Travis did reveal some things that the Lady Warriors could stand to improve, with Gregorczyk adding, “We need to work on our defense for line and hitting in general.”

During the first set of the game, misfortune struck the team when Ingrid Stading ‘19 was injured in a skirmish at the net, something which rattled the Warriors but did not break their fighting spirit. In fact, that first set ended with a score of 25-20, showing the Lady Warrior’s determination in spite of their teammate’s injury.

While Westwood did continue to fight hard during the second set with almost non-stop support from fans and the Varsity team on the sideline, Lake Travis did end up taking that set as well with a score of 25-16, though they did not do so without plenty of resistance from the Lady Warriors.

In the wake of this defeat, the Junior Varsity Orange team’s record now stands at a solid 3-2, and with continued dedication and practice on the things that need to be improved, the team can hopefully go onward to win more games in the future.