Varsity Volleyball Beats Pflugerville in a 3-0 Landslide

Alex Reece, Reporter

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The Varsity volleyball team came into the game against the Pflugerville Panthers ready for action. After some kind words towards their attending parents for Parent Appreciation night, the Lady Warriors were on the court ready to prove just how much their encouragement meant to them for every hard won and lost games. After this 3-0 victory, the Lady Warriors will walk into their final home game of the season more ready than ever.

“Overall we had a good night,” Kenzie Beckham ‘21 said. “We played really well as a team; we were clicking really well.”

The first point of the set was not in the Lady Warriors favor, but the tide turned quickly. The game had barely begun and already Lauren Gregorczyk ‘18 and Maddi Kriz ‘19 had helped to secure a 4-1 lead. Maggie Stout ‘19 scored two points in a row by pushing the ball over the net and right past the Panthers, continuing the Lady Warriors’ lead 14-9. Through determination and persistence, the Lady Warriors’ winning point was scored after the Panthers hit the ball out of bounds, ending it 25-14.

“Our offense was really on point through our whole game,” Emily Low ‘18 said. “Our setters connected well with all our hitters.”

The Lady Warriors came into the second set with confidence after their first victory, but quickly found themselves at a disadvantage.  The Lady Warriors quickly overcame the Panthers after Cassie Jackson ‘18 helped secure a 4-3 lead with an impressive hit over the net. Kriz made two kills and an ace, giving the Lady Warriors an even larger lead of 13-6. After a time-out, the Lady Warriors were on a roll with a seven point streak. Jackson made the final point, delivering another kill.

The third set was only the beginning, and it was already made clear that it wouldn’t be an easy win. Both teams battled neck-and-neck for a slight lead until Westwood was able to gain a comfortable lead of 14-10. The lead was sustained for the remainder of the game, with Low working hard to secure three points alone by pushing the ball over the net with ease. Kriz also was working overtime, hitting spike after spike to get the Lady Warriors to a 24-18 lead. The point to win the final match came with ease, the team watched as the Panthers hit the ball out of bounds and gave the game to the Lady Warriors.

“We need to execute more points and make less errors on our side. Any team can come in and win so you need to play to your best ability,”  Audrey Quesnel ‘20 said.

Join the Lady Warriors for their next game this Friday at McNeil High School against the Mavericks at 6:30 p.m..