Freshman Volleyball Storms Mavericks 2-0

By Ishika Samant, Managing Editor

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  • Sarah McCaughey ’22 blocks the ball.

    Photo By Ishika Samant

  • Militzy Gremillion-Llanos ’22 hits the ball over the net.

    Photo By Ishika Samant

  • Teddie Hall ’22 sets the ball.

    Photo By Ishika Samant

  • Shawna Rogers ’22 spikes the ball.

    Photo By Ishika Samant

  • Camille Marshall ’22 bumps the ball to the McNeil Mavericks.

  • Kaci Ponsart ’22 serves the ball to the opposing team.

  • Kaci Ponsart ’22 sets the ball to another teammate.

  • Milacey Gremillion-Llanos ’22 sets the ball to the other team.

  • The team celebrates after scoring a point.

  • The freshman team wishes the opposing team good luck.

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During a game full of cheer and laughter the Freshman volleyball team notched a win against the McNeil Mavericks in just 2 sets on Sept. 4.

The beginning of the first set was very close, but the Warriors were always one point ahead of the Mavericks. After exchanging serves almost every point, the Warriors finally took the lead with a score of 12-6. Not long after the Mavericks called a time-out, the warriors took a monumental lead, and the Mavericks never managed to catch up. At the end of the set the Warriors were no match for the Mavericks and the won the first set 24-13.

“As a whole team, we definitely improved on our communication,” Camille Marshall ‘22 said. “Our communication was a lot better than our first scrimmage at the beginning of August, and we have also definitely improved skillwise as well.”

In the second set, the Warriors still kept their strong lead despite of the negative distractions from the audience. The Warriors started of strong and kept that mentality all through the second set,  scoring five points before the Mavericks even scored their first point of the set. Later, the Warriors got a seven point consecutive lead, until they reached the score of 18-7, and not soon after the Mavericks called another time-out.  At this time, the Warriors had reached the score of 20-8. Finally, the Warriors won the game 24-8.

“We felt pretty confident coming into this game,” Aria Hegde ‘22 said. “Our coach told us confidence is key, even if you think you’re not going to win, you always have to go into a game thinking that you will.”

After losing to Stony Point last Friday, the Freshman volleyball team celebrated this victory against the Mavericks.

“I feel like this is a very good win for us, and it unified us as a team,” Coach McGalliard said. “I think the girls were a little hard on themselves before this game, and they needed a confidence booster and I hope we will use this game’s momentum going forward.”

Be sure to attend the freshman’s next game on Friday, Sept. 7 at Cedar Ridge at 6:30 p.m.

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