Varsity Volleyball Adjusts to COVID-19 Pandemic Ahead of New Season


Kathryn Markovitz

In a match against Leander last season, Abby Gregorczyk ’21 gets down low to return the Lions’ serve. The varsity volleyball team will begin district play on Friday, Sept. 25 at home against McNeil.

With sports beginning to come back, the varsity volleyball team is raring to get their season started. After weeks of waiting, the program got approval to start the season early with head coach Tara Grant not hesitating to begin tryouts. With 17 girls completing the roster, they are training everyday to replace the practices they missed over quarantine. 

The program and coaches have made a lot of adjustments in light of this global pandemic to start this season. The first priority is wearing masks and cleaning everything the girls come in contact with to prevent the virus. The girls have been social distancing at six feet apart while still doing drills.

“This year is going to be because we won’t be able to interact with the other teams as much as we used to with big sis, little sis,” Jessica Lane ‘21 said.

The athletes will be jumping into their first district game against McNeil on Friday, Sept. 25 at home.