Freshman Volleyball Bitten Alive by Vipers


Chloe Boyd

Throwing her hand forward, Natasha Mendoza ’26 leaps into the air to serve the ball towards the other team. This was one of the major serves that propelled the game forward in the first set.

The freshman volleyball team took the loss in their away game on Tuesday, Oct. 4, when grappling with the Vandegrift Vipers.

The first set was a rough beginning, with Vandegrift winning 25-13. The Warriors attempted to deflect their attacks, but the Vipers maintained strong and consistent hits.

“I felt like it was really good,” Imy Gao ‘26 said. “We all tried our hardest. I feel like, personally, our team could have done better. I don’t know if it was the heat, or if it was some communication thing. I feel like we could have worked harder at it. We could have played better, but towards the very end we did so much better. If we started from the beginning we could have a real chance.”

The second set started similarly to the first, with the score ending 25-17. The Warriors increased aggressiveness towards the end of the game, but the Vipers fought back with their blocks.

“It was definitely not our best,” Grace Williamson ‘26 said. “I’m a little bit [sad], but we’re definitely going to play better at our next game.”

Alice Bickel ‘26 helped the Warriors defensively, making a continuous effort of blocking the Viper’s hits. 

“I feel like we were kind of picking it up towards the end of the game which was good,” Bickel said. “We just had a winning streak of four district games, and then we just lost one. And so we just stopped giving effort.”

The game against the Vipers marked a close in the first round of districts. The Warriors will begin their second round of districts at Vista Ridge on Friday, Oct. 7, at 6:30 P.M.