Freshman Volleyball Claws Stony Point 2-0

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  • Leaping into the air, Natasha Mendoza ’26 aims to serve the ball. The team is building up to the end of the second set, motivated by the crowd’s cheers.

  • With her eyes on the ball, Natasha Mendoza ’26 stands besides two of her teammates as the set comes to a close. The Warriors end up winning the first set 25-20.

  • Walking away from the play, Aurelie Giansanti ’26 and Briley Dainton ’26 recalibrate as the second set comes to a close. The final score for the second set is 25-21.

  • As the Warriors line up, two announcers explain how the team is recognizing their parents. The team is giving away flowers and small gifts to show their appreciation.

  • Lining up, the Warriors eagerly await to commemorate their parents for their support this year. This was a special occasion to help show support for the adults that make the season run smoothly.

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The freshman volleyball team crushed Stony Point High School in their home game on Friday, Oct. 21, when going head-to-head with the Tigers.

The first set was a whopping 25-20, with each team getting more and more excitement from the crowd. The Tigers were a more ferocious opponent, but the Warriors were prepared to handle it.

“I feel like our opponent did well against us,” Kayden Ellason ‘26 said. “I feel like we’ve gotten a lot better, and that’s why they didn’t look as good as they were last time. This was our best game so far against them.”

The score for the second set was 25-21, a close call leaving some players on edge. Compared to the last match against the Tigers, the Warriors really stepped up their game with a combination of communication and positioning.

“We played so much better than we did the first time we played against them. Because last time we went to three sets and this time we went to two sets,” Alice Bickel ‘26 said. “I think we [played really well together]. We had a lot of communication.”

For the Warriors, the consistent effort of going for the balls and the positive reinforcements helped the performance of the team.

“I feel like we did a lot better today, myself included,” Parmida Jamali ‘26 said. “Because all of us really went for the balls, and we executed them so well. We actually didn’t send that many free balls over, and we really swung hard. I really like that on all the time outs, and whenever someone did something good, we’d really cheer them on. And we just had so much energy and support for our teammates. And I think that’s what really pushed us to win those two sets today.”

The team is saddened by the season coming to a close, but some players are playing club volleyball to make up for it, and hope to continue practicing their skills.

“For me, I’m doing club volleyball, so I get to keep playing,” Bickel said. “I’m excited for that. And I’m gonna be setting up seeing my teammates on Saturdays, since some people are doing a different sport.”

With the Warriors winning this game, the team is one step closer to ending with a positive winning percentage. The current placement is 7-6. If the team wins their next game, the score will be 8-6. However, if they lose, the end position in the rankings will be 7-7.

The Warriors’ next game will be on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Cedar Ridge High School at 6:30 P.M.