Freshman Volleyball Mauled by Round Rock Dragons 2-0

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  • Bracing herself, Natasha Mendoza ’26 prepares to serve the ball. This is the first set, and the Warriors have lost their energy. This will all turn around by the end of the game.

  • Defeated, the team comes together after their team handshake with the Dragons. The season is coming to an end, and they hope to win at least one of the last four games.

  • With their eyes on the ball, the freshman Warriors get more competitive as the end of the game approaches. This is the last set, and if they lose, it’s game over.

  • Stepping forward, Fay Predmore ’26 moves towards the ball. This is towards the middle of the second set, and the Round Rock Dragons are winning by four points.

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The freshman volleyball girls lost to the Dragons at their home game on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

The first set ended with a score of 25-18, with the Dragons winning. There was a lot of energy on the court and in the stands, but even as the game started, the game wasn’t going as well for the Warriors as they would have liked.

“I think for the first set, I didn’t really perform as well,” Parmida Jamali ‘26 said. “A lot of people were under pressure. They were coming on very intimidatingly, after we saw them in their hitting lines.”

The final score for the second set was 25-22, with the Warriors gaining their energy back enough to compete with the Dragons. The team came together to make a combined effort against Round Rock.

“With the second set, I feel like our whole team including myself was doing really well,” Jamali said. “We really found ourselves and got our energy back. At the end of the second set though, we did kind of fall back.”

With a shortage of players, the team had to make the most of it. They adjusted their players, trying to fill the gaps in their team. Individually they all worked harder and collaborated to get closer to victory.

“[Our opponents] definitely made us step up to the occasion, and force ourselves to do a lot better,” Natasha Mendoza ‘26 said. “I think, together as a team, we played extremely well. Probably one of the best games of our season.”

The team feels saddened about this being one of the last games this season. With the District games coming to a close, some players wish volleyball lasted all year. 

“I feel honestly sad about [the season ending], Mendoza said. “I wish it could go on forever. I wish it was year-round.”

The next freshman volleyball game will be on Friday, Oct. 14, at McNeil High School at 5:30 P.M.