‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ Builds On a Classic Love Story


The last time we saw Bridget Jones, she was agreeing to say goodbye to the single life forever and say yes to Mark Darcy. Now, nearly 12 years later, we see her plans might not have gone as she hoped. Though it’s not exactly clear what happened between the two, we can only assume that they have broken up and Bridget is once again on her own. Singing along to All By Myself by Jamie O’Neal in the same penguin pajama pants that we saw in the first movie, Bridget is again celebrating her birthday alone. Though this time, she quickly stops her self-pity and turns on Jump Around by House of Pain, spending the rest of the night dancing and jumping all around her apartment. Immediately, we see that she’s still the same quirky, hopelessly outgoing, and energetic character that we all love and can easily relate to.

Over the course of the movie, Bridget finds herself torn between two men. Except this time, there’s a baby involved, and she has no idea whose it is: a classic love story. One possibility is Mark Darcy, a love interest from the very first movie, and the other is Jack, a dashing American whom she met at a music festival while celebrating her birthday with friends and happens to be just as much of a hopeless romantic as she is. During the course of the movie, she falls for both men and decides not to tell the other that there’s a chance the baby might not be his. This becomes increasingly difficult when it comes to doctor’s visits and pregnancy yoga classes, so Bridget eventually tells them both that there’s a chance they might not be the father. This creates instant competition between Mark and Jack, and the rest of the movie is spent watching the two trying to win over Bridget while doing what’s best for the baby.

Another classic Bridget Jones film, this rom-com will no doubt have you uncontrollably laughing at some parts as well as make you want to cry not going to lie here. I was very impressed with actress Renee Zellweger, who, after 12 years, pulled off Bridget’s unique personality perfectly. Like the previous two movies, the audience will automatically side with either Mark or Jack, making the turnout very interesting. Will Bridget get the ending she always wanted?